Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Fix eGo Battery Solution

     Have you ever had an issue with your eGo battery where you press the button and the light comes on but your atomizer doesn't activate? Or maybe you put it on your charger and it doesn't make a connection? This is very common among our customers and we want to show you a quick way to fix your problem. This is most likely the problem anytime you experience these issues. Watch the video below for a great battery saver.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Viva Vivi Nova, What Happens at Vapor Kings…

     Since introducing the Vision Clearomizers a few months ago we have been more and more impressed with the great taste of the Clearomizer.  So when we received a sample of the Vivi Nova large tank with replaceable heads we were intrigued. We were not disappointed. There has been no system, other than direct dripping on an atomizer that has been able to deliver such a clean flavor, and who wants to sit there and drip a few drops at a time just in order to enjoy good flavor?  I know I don’t. We find it’s much more preferable to have a tank to hold large amounts of liquid, and according to our sales records we know you believe so too. 

     The best part of the Vivi Nova tank is how easy it is to fill. And when I say easy, I mean it’s so easy your great grandma could fill it without instructions while talking on a cell phone about Facebook. We have a video to explain a little more about the system and how to fill it but all you need to know is to remove the cap and pour. If you like the liquid holding capability of the DCT system but you hate priming the cartomizer; if you like the eGo DCHV but hate when the polyfill gets too grimy, then this is the system for you. 

     If you ever get bored with the systems you use and need something different, you should check this system out. If you are a hardcore drip vapor for flavor reasons, you should check this out. If you ever vaped anything in your life, you should check this out. If you were born on planet earth, you should check this out. Ultimately, I believe you should check this out.

Watch the video below for more information. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tulsa Vape Meet!!!

     Hello vaping world! We are excited to tell you about our upcoming Vape Meet. Come on out to our 43rd and Mingo location in Tulsa tomorrow (Saturday June 2nd) from 12:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. for fun interaction with other Vapors from around the region. Last year we had people from all over the area come in and show off their cool mods and awesome custom liquid. There will door prizes and food! We want to thank all our customers for helping us make Vapor Kings the best electronic cigarette store in the world! If you haven’t seen the renovations and upgrades to the store (even as of last night) then you will be in for a big surprise to see how far the store has come in such a short time. We are proud to show off our flagship store and share our good fortune with all of our loyal customers. So come on by and have a snack, try some juice, and maybe win a prize! 

     For all our out of town customers we want to say thank you to you as well and we wish we could do this in every area, for all of you, but unfortunately we can’t. But if you would like to see the new store and all the fun from the comfort of your house, you can swing by our website and check out a live stream of the event. Who knows, maybe in a few years there will be an amazing Vapor Kings in all of your towns ;) If you haven’t had a chance to see our store in person pictures will have to do for now. 

Vapor Kings Front Door View

Vapor Kings Front View 2

Vapor Kings Back View

Friday, May 11, 2012

You Down with DCHV? Yeah You Know Me!

     So the last couple of days we’ve told you about the DCT system and the Vision Clearomizer. In both of those posts we have mentioned the eGo DCHV (Dual Coil Heavy Vapor) Cartomizer. I have to admit I ignored this item for a while because nothing was going to take me away from my DCT, but last week I decided to try it out for something different. I’ve been recommending them for a while to people who have a tough time with the priming and filling of the DCT system and so I decided I would finally take it out for a spin myself and really see what this thing has to offer. I have not been disappointed.

     A great feature of the DCHV is it holds a lot of liquid, nearly half a bottle. Even better, is the way it vapes. I can produce plums of vaper with this thing while barely having to draw. The air flow is fantastic and the throat hit is just right. At $3.95 per unit, it’s a great deal too! I liked it so much I decided to continue using it for the foreseeable future.

     Like the DCT, you can expect to get anywhere from one to three weeks out of one DCHV cartomizer. That’s just the nature of any cartomizer, they are disposable units meant to be replaced. As with any unit, there are pros and cons. There is no e-cig that is absolutely perfect for everybody. But with so many options for the eGo, you can find something that works great for you.

     The only downfall to the eGo DCHV is not knowing how much to fill it. The best way to make sure you have completely filled it is to fill until liquid starts to drip out of the bottom. Then you want to make sure you tap out the cartomizer into a paper towel and dry off the connection before screwing it on your battery. We offer the pieces in Black, Stainless, and Clear.  If you are worried about being able to see how much liquid you have in there then you will like the clear option.

     If you’re looking to try something different, I highly recommend trying one of these out. You may find it becomes your new favorite.  Stop by Vapor Kings Tulsa or our Sand Springs location to find out more!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Vision Clearomizer aka the Clear"oh my"zer

     The Vision Clearomizer is a must try for any eGo vaper.  If you like the DCT and the eGo DCHV then you are going to like the Vision Clearomizer.  The Vision Clearomizer vapes with a smooth hit and a burst of flavor. You’ll be amazed how much better your favorite flavor tastes when using this system.
      Like the DCT and eGo DCHV, the Vision has a sizable tank for long vaping between refills. So you can rest assured you won’t run out of liquid while sitting through Titanic3D for the fourth time this summer.  No more reaching for your liquid and fiddling around trying to fill your cartridge in the dark.
     Are you a VG vaper? Then this system is perfect for you. Where the DCT and DCHV’s can easily clog while using a thicker fluid, the Clearomizer shines!
     If you tried the DCT and didn’t like the process of priming the cartomizer then you may like this system for its easy fill application. All you need is a needle bottle or syringe and you are ready to go with no priming necessary. We have included a video (embedded below) to tell you a little more about them from Tulsa’s Electronic Cigarette King himself. 

     The Clearomizer comes with the option of a round tip or flat tip. Both styles feature a screw on drip tip so there is no danger of accidentally losing it! They are also available in both standard resistance and low resistance for that extra kick!
     Stop by the Tulsa Electronic Cigarette store or the one in Sand Springs to try out the easy use Vision Clearomizer or to find out more information. For those of you unlucky enough not to have a Vapor Kings nearby, don’t worry we have them available online as well. 


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Amazing Dual Coil Tank System

     When we first heard about the Dual Coil Tank (DCT) system many of us thought it was too good to be true, a tank that holds three milliliters of liquid and doesn’t leak? Not only that, it also uses a Dual Coil Cartomizer that can easily be changed out? What kind of sorcery was this? Turns out it wasn’t a trick, it was the biggest innovation in Tulsa electronic cigarettes since the eGo was introduced.

     The DCT screws right on to your eGo battery with no adapter necessary and can also be used with the Silver Bullet and Pro Vari mods sold in our Tulsa Electronic Cigarettes and Sand Springs Electronic Cigarettes locations. Since being introduced late last year it has become our single most popular system hands down. Almost every one of our eGo customers have taken to using the DCT and it has become a popular staple among the Tulsa community. It seems wherever we go people are asking about them “I see those all the time, what are they?” Well random waitress, this is the amazing new reason for you to quit smoking. This isn’t the terrible gas station disposable e-cig you tried out once and decided it wasn’t good enough, this is the real deal. And it can be found at your friendly Vapor Kings, the best Tulsa Electronic Cigarette store.

     We offer the DCT in two sizes, the standard three milliliter and the big boy five milliliter version.  We also offer many different color options for you to vape in style. The end caps come in Black or Silver and the tanks come in; Clear, Red, Blue, Purple, and my favorite “bio-hazard” Green.  The only hiccup with this system is the minor annoyance of priming the Cartomizer but after a few times it becomes second nature. We made a video (embedded below) to help show you the easiest way to prime. Once your carto is primed you are ready to experience the great hit and amazing convenience the DCT has to offer!

     We also offer adapters for your eGo battery to make your setup look extra sleek! Just search the website for DCT cover. If you are using a regular eGo battery you will want the 1.5 ohm cartomizer replacements. If you are using a mod pushing out five volts or more you will want to purchase the 2.5 ohm cartomizer.

     Once you try the Dual Coil Tank system you’ll wonder how you ever vaped without it. Tulsa Electronic Cigarettes will never be the same.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The biggest e-Cigarette problem we see - and how to fix it

The biggest problem we see when people bring in a e-Cig that isn't working right is the way the customer is smoking them.  e-Cigarettes work backwards from normal smoking logic.  The harder you puff on a tobacco cigarette, the more smoke you get.  With electronic cigarettes slow and easy is the key.  This video demonstrates this.

If you are having other problems with your electronic cigarette, bring it by our Tulsa electronic cigarette superstore!  We're located in Tulsa at 4305 S. Mingo Road, Suite E, Tulsa, OK 74146.