Thursday, October 5, 2017

Can I Mix e-Liquid Brands, Flavors, and Strengths?

Vape Tips & Tricks: “Can I Mix e-Liquid Brands, Flavors, and Strengths?”

YES! Reasons people mix e-liquids they’ve purchased:

- Custom flavors
- Adjust nicotine strength (make e-Liquid weaker or stronger)
- Adjust consistency (make e-Liquid thinner or thicker)

Mixing e-Liquids can be a fun new way to experiment and discover new flavors. We’ve seen some crazy vape juice blends from people!

So if you have a liquid that is too thick or thin, too high or low in nicotine, or a flavor that could use a little more punch…don’t throw it out. MIX IT UP!

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What Is The Difference Between VG and PG e-Liquid?

Customers ask us all the time what the difference is between VG and PG e-juice. We’re here to answer that question for you!

VG e-Liquid has a thicker consistency and it is meant for sub-ohm tanks with large atomizers. A couple benefits of VG is that it has a smoother draw and creates more vapor production compared to PG.

PG e-Liquid has a thinner consistency than VG and is meant for tanks with small atomizers. It is a better flavor carrier, but also can be harsher on the throat.

Because of these differences, e-liquid manufacturers blend VG and PG in their e-liquids to reach their desired consistency, flavor, and vapor production.

This is why you’ll see blends that are 50/50, 70/30, or 80/20 ratios. It’s all about what’s going to work best in your tank and deliver your desired balance in flavor and vapor production.

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Why Can’t I Taste My e-Liquid?

Introducing our first video from our "Vape Tips & Tricks" series: "Why Can't I Taste My e-Liquid?" This is a fairly common question. Let's find out why!

The reason for this is simple. Sometimes you can’t taste your e-liquid because your taste buds can get used to the flavor if you’ve been vaping it for a while. There’s nothing that has changed about the liquid, but rather you have just become accustomed to the flavor and are no longer notice it.

The best way to avoid this happening is to switch up your flavors often. This allows your taste buds to keep guessing!

Keep in mind though, if the flavors taste bad or have a burnt taste, it’s most likely because your atomizer needs to be changed. Keep those atomizers fresh and you’ll be set for the best flavor experience.

Personally, I like o switch between JFTM Melon Strapple and JFTM Watermelon Bubblegum.

We hope this helps if this is an issue that you’ve ran into!