Sunday, August 23, 2009

The biggest mistake made by new e-Smokers

The worst thing you can do to your e-Cigarette is to smoke it when the cartridge is dry. A dry atomizer will not last very long!

All of our DSE801 Classic Penstyle and DSE901 Mini e-Cigarette kits come with a two page tips and tricks guide.

The biggest mistake people make when they get their new e-Cigarette kit is that they want to take it right out of the box and try it out before reading any of the enclosed materials. The "cartridge" that you see installed in a brand new e-Cigarette or new atomizer is a dummy cartridge! It doesn't have any liquid in it at all and must be replaced with a pre-filled e-Cigarette cartridge. These prefilled e-Cigarette cartridges are included in the e-Cigarette starter kit. Simply pop the dummy cartridge off and discard it. Unwrap a new cartridge, remove the protective cap, and sometimes rubber cap, and insert it exactly as the dummy cartridge was inserted. Give it a minute or two so the liquid can wick into the atomizer and then you can begin enjoying your new e-Cigarette.

We hope this will help a few people from damaging their DSE801 or DSE901 e-Cigarettes. Remember to read that information sheet, it has a lot of good tips!

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