Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too much or not enough - it's a balancing act

Too much e-Liquid is too much and not enough is, well, not enough.

First I would like to stress that atomizers are consumable parts and they will last between a week or longer depending on thier care. We look at it from the perspective of spending $5+ per pack of cigarettes a day (or more in most peoples cases) or $9 a week on a new atomizer.

$35 a week for tobacco cigarettes, or $9.95 a week for a new e-Cigarette atomizer. It's clear what the cheaper route is.

So your trusty little e-Cigarette atomizer has quit producing vapor. What now?

The first thing you should check is that your e-Cigarette battery is sufficiently charged. If you are unsure then the best bet is to swap it out with one that is known to be fully charged.

If the battery isn't the culprit then your next step should be blowing the atomizer out in a papertowel. To do this you can simply put a papertowel loosely over the cartridge end and blow through the battery connector end fairly hard. This will blow out any excess liquid that is inside the atomizer. You can test it by re-attaching the battery and trying to smoke it without the cartridge in place. If you get a little vapor or hear some crackling and popping coming from inside the atomizer then it may be coming back to life. If after 2-3 puffs it isn't producing normal vapor then you may have blown the atomizer dry. A few drops of e-Liquid will prime it as will a freshly filled cartridge.

You can do this procedure with DSE801 Classic Penstyle, DSE901 Mini and even many other models of e-Cigarettes. If the e-Cigarette atomizer has too much e-Liquid inside, and this can happen just from normal use, then it cannot heat up enough to vaporize the e-Liquid.

I hope this helps a few people. We get emails from time to time from people who have flooded atomizers and they believe they have burnt out. A few blows in a papertowel usually fixes it right up.

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