Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just walk away and don't touch a thing...

At least that's what Alton Brown says on my favorite show, Good Eats.

I've been talking to some of my customers lately regarding the huge amount of information out on the internet about e-Cigarettes. You can spend days reading it all and walk away more confused than when you started. This is where "Just walk away and don't touch a thing..." comes into my post tonight.

e-Cigarettes aren't perfect and if you own one then you probably fully understand this. They require a little upkeep, they can frustrate you at times and it takes a little time to master what works best for you. If they were only as simple to use as a regular cigarette! Like yourself I have spent hours on the internet reading everything I could click on. I then spent hours boiling my atomizers, soaking them in Coke (or is Pepsi better?), rinsing them in hot tap water, putting straws in my carts, burning holes in the carts, dry burning atomizers, charging batteries overnight, fully discharging them and re-charging them, adding this to my liquids, adding that to my liquids...the list just goes on and on and it will drive you crazy.

Find what works for you and just...walk...away! If you have questions please ask! We're here to help you.

My top suggestions are:

Absolutely make sure your atomizers don't go dry. Dry atomizer = guaranteed short life span. Low vapor output is usually one of three things. Low battery, low e-Liquid or too much e-Liquid.
Often when a real cigarette is about to "burn out" you take 3-4 fast draws trying to fire it back up. Doing this with an e-Cigarette will kill the atomizer if it is dry. See our Troubleshooting section on for more details.

For me, holding them at a 45 degree angle seems to help the atty/cart wick better.

Blow those atomizers out! Prime it with a drop or two and smoke!

Don't go poking paperclips and whatnot into holes on batteries or atomizers. Trust me, it isn't going to fix anything. My first e-Cigarette was a SmokingEverywhere Gold. I had to buy a new atomizer on the second day because I thought I might give the atty a little cleaning job with a paperclip.

These things are a little delicate. Fingertighten is your friend. You aren't screwing a 4" deck screw into a pressure treated board. Take it easy when you are assembling things or putting batteries into a charger. Don't carry your e-Cigarette in a pocket where it will be subjected to side to side pressure if you bend over or sit down. The battery and atomizer connectors were not designed to withstand side to side force.

I've been smoking e-Cigarettes longer than I've been selling them and I've made a few mistakes myself. It's just part of the learning curve and there is a straight road ahead. Don't give up!


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  1. You ROCK Rob. TYSM for this information. I've become a pro at 'cleaning' (short for "boiling, alcohol,peroxide,cola,canned air,.. you get the picture). Maybe a 'two piece' ecig is for me??...