Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cutting your nicotine levels...you -can- do it

When I started vaping in May I started with 36mg e-Liquid (no longer available to most). I gradually began cutting my strength down starting with 24mg and then down to 18mg several months later. I am currently vaping 6mg and 11mg and still getting satisfaction from smoking my e-Cigarettes. I tested a new liquid flavor today that came in 24mg and I am shocked at how it made me feel. Very light headed, my heart began racing and I just feel very wired out. It's obvious to me that you can ween yourself down to lower levels. You might vape more for a while to compensate but you CAN reduce your nicotine intake and still get that smoking satisfaction at the same time.

Be careful out there!


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  1. Rob,
    I never post on blogs but I must comment on your OUTSTANDING SERVICE. You are the 'fastest' shipper of the highest quality product and I thank you for that. Until I tried 901 atomizers from you, I didn't think the 901 worked well. With your product, I get great vapor from your atomizers and even your flavored cartridges. I have tried other vendors but you are "number one". You now have a loyal customer, so you better not mess up and go out of business.

    Thanks for everything, Rob.