Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cutting your nicotine levels...you -can- do it

When I started vaping in May I started with 36mg e-Liquid (no longer available to most). I gradually began cutting my strength down starting with 24mg and then down to 18mg several months later. I am currently vaping 6mg and 11mg and still getting satisfaction from smoking my e-Cigarettes. I tested a new liquid flavor today that came in 24mg and I am shocked at how it made me feel. Very light headed, my heart began racing and I just feel very wired out. It's obvious to me that you can ween yourself down to lower levels. You might vape more for a while to compensate but you CAN reduce your nicotine intake and still get that smoking satisfaction at the same time.

Be careful out there!


Friday, October 9, 2009

The easiest e-Cigarette I've ever used...

A lot of us don't mind refilling the cartridges with e-Liquid. But I know there are a lot of people out there that probably aren't interested because of the maintenance and liquid refilling involved with the typical 3 piece e-Cigarettes such as the DSE901, DSe801 or Joye510 for example. They just want to smoke plain and simple. Real tobacco cigarettes are just plain and simple easy to use. You light it and smoke it.

We began our search for a good 2 piece and we focused on the KR808D-1. A 2 piece e-Cigarette which consists of a battery and what is called a "cartomizer." The cartomizer is a cartridge AND the atomizer built together. Below are the pros and cons of this design:


So simple to use! Screw on the cartomizer and smoke it! Want to change flavors? Just unscrew your menthol cartomizer and put on a RY4 cartomizer and you're done! Your RY4 cartomizer will taste like, well, RY4. RY4 Menthol isn't very good, is it?

Excellent flavor production. The KR808D-1 produces some intense flavored vapor.

A new atomizer with every cartridge change. No more concerns about atomizers burning out or needing to be cleaned and maintained.

Did I mention how simple it is to use? Seriously, just screw the cartomizer onto the battery and you're done!

Save money because you don't need to worry about maintaining or replacing atomizers.

Cartomizers ARE refillable if you want to take the time to do so. I would recommend not refilling them anymore than 2-3 times.

Portable charging case (PCC) makes it easy to charge your batteries on the go.

No more need to carry bottles of liquid in your pocket. Just grab a few cartomizers and batteries and go!


A little more expensive to use because cartomizers cost more than the typical cartridges. But also remember you don't need to worry about buying/replacing atomizers. You're going to buy cigarettes anyways, so why are you worried about the cost?

Your friends might try to steal it.

Seriously though, if you know someone who wants an alternative to smoking but doesn't like the fiddling with parts aspect of it, the KR808D-1 may be the ticket to their success.

See our line of KR808D-1's, DSE901's, DSE801's and Joye 510's at www.VaporKings.com