Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big battery mods - a quick primer

This blog post will attempt to educate consumers a little more on "mods" and why you might want one or why you might even NOT want one. I'm not going to go super in depth in order to try to keep this post short.

First I must say if you are new to e-Cigs, this is definitely one reason you DON'T want one. You need to learn the basics before jumping up into a fancier device so please resist the temptation. A nice inexpensive DSE901 or Joye 510 e-Cigarette starter kit will give you a general idea if e-Cigarettes are your thing. It also is a good learning experience on how the parts work and learning to use them correctly so they will have a decent life span.

If you are experienced then here is a short list of why you might want one:
  • Extended battery life by using larger and inexpensive li-ion batteries
  • Some devices offer multiple voltage capabilities which can enhance (or complicate) things
  • The mod devices are often much more reliable than regular e-Cigarette batteries
  • Many mods come in different designs/form factors which you may find appealing
Most regular e-Cigarette batteries are 3.7v DC (nominal, or normal) but are often 4.2v DC or a tad higher right off the charger. This is their "peak" voltage. mAh ratings, which are important, are usually between 150mAh and 380mAh depending on the brand/model.

Please don't let anyone fool you that one mod smokes better than another using the same batteries and atomizers. 3.7v DC at around 1600mAh with a Joye 510 atomizer is going to be the same on pretty much any device. Period. The subtle differences that may be caused by airflow will hardly be noticed by you the end user. Many people will tell you about the plumes of vapor mod A makes over mod B and how much better the vapor tastes, etc. It simply isn't true. So when shopping for a mod or watching mod review videos, keep this in mind. Pick the unit that is pleasing to your eye and has the features you desire.

What we recommend you look for:
  • Solid construction without any breakable joints or connectors
  • Avoid mods with wires or solder joints that can heat up and break and/or short
  • Mechanical type switch with a locking mechanism for safe pocket/purse carrying
  • Vent holes in the tube, preferably the bottom - if not used properly, li-ion batteries CAN vent or explode and a non-vented device is a potential bomb in your hand
  • A "well" in the atomizer cap that can collect any liquid that may leak from atomizers
  • Ability to use multiple atomizer models with or without adapters
  • Can use various battery types (we do not recommend unprotected or CR2 batteries) carries the Greek made GG line of e-Cigarettes. These are made from high quality 7075 aircraft aluminum and are virtually indestructable. They feature all of the recommendations listed above and are the most classic yet elegant looking units available on the market today.

The GG Telescopic Storm fitted with a 18650 high mAh battery and a 510 atomizer can provide many hours of enjoyable vaping. Some customers report 1 or even 2 days between recharging their batteries. This does however depend on how often you use the device and the condition of both the atomizer and the battery. Older atomizers will draw more current from the batteries and shorten their life between charges.

Higher voltages can deliver a better vaping experience but also bring on more challenges and complications. I'm not saying it isn't good, but it definitely isn't for the beginner.

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