Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Joye 510 e-Cigarette - one awesome little cig!

Has the Joye 510 replaced the DSE901 as my favorite e-Cigarette? I think it has.

We hardly ever get and replacement requests for the Joye 510 products. Out of several thousand untis sold I think we have replaced maybe 5 batteries and a handful of atomizers. These things are just rock solid all around. The 510 atomizer is just about bullet proof and part of that I believe is because of the secondary wick under the atomizer bridge. This helps keep the atomizer coil wet. A dry atomizer coil is a recipe for disaster and this is where many new users run into problems.

The Joye 510 batteries are also solid built. The button is high quality and the connector is well attached. The battery life on the 510 isn't the greatest but that is purely because of the battery cell size and not related to a quality issue. A Joyetech 510 PCC (Personal Charge Case) takes care of this problem and gives you a sturdy box to carry your 510 e-Cigarette parts around with you.

We carry the matte black with blue LED 510, the matte white with orange LED 510 and soon will have metallic blue with blue LED 510 in stock. Other colors of the Joye 510 will also be on order soon! We also stock a good variety of Joyetech accessories. You can always count on us to let you know exactly what you are buying. We NEVER sell non-Genuine products as the real thing.

Some people often get the model/name mixed up. It's often referred to as the Joye 501, Joyetech 501 or DSE501. There are also clones of the Joyetech 510 on the market so be aware of what you are buying and make sure it is a Genuine Joyetech 510 e-Cigarette! We do carry clone replacement atomizers and some people prefer these over the real Joye 510 atomizers because they produces a lighter/smoother vapor.

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  1. As a newbie to e-smokes this was really helpful.
    Many thanks.