Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some of the new items we've added recently

Some of you may have noticed that we recently added larger 30ml bottles of our top 5 selling e-Liquids. Those flavors are Menthol, Kamel, Red & White, 555 and Ry4. Strength available are medium 18mg and high 24mg.

We have more flavors on order in 30ml sizes and will also be adding some in low strength.

Other new flavors in 10ml will also be available soon.

We also have some flavors available without nicotine. We like to encourage our customers to enjoy vaping with e-Cigarettes but also try to remember to reduce your nicotine intake. Your smoking addiction may not be the nicotine as much as you might think.

If you have friends or family that are curious about the e-Cigarette but are afraid to spend $50-60 for one, might I suggest the Boge 510 disposable trial kit. For around $10 you will receive a rechargeable battery, USB charger, atomizer and three cartridges. The battery is rated to be recharged 3 times but we are finding it lasts much longer than this. Even better is the fact that if you decide to upgrade to a true Joye 510 e-Cigarette starter kit, the atomizer from the disposable set can be used with it. These trial kits can also be great as inexpensive back up units. Keep one in your desk at work or home in the event your normal equipment fails unexpectedly. We don't recommend storing them in a vehicle because of the potential high temperatures that may damage the e-Cigarettes' batteries.

We now have Joye 510 e-Cigarette starter kits available in white with orange LED tips. Metallic blue with blue LED tips are on the way. We also stock Joye 510/306 PCC (Personal Charge Cases) in several colors.

Other new items will be on the way soon!

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