Thursday, September 23, 2010

eGo USB batteries are in stock !

Another innovative idea from JoyeTech.  The eGo USB battery (eGo USB Battery) has a small cap on the end.  Once removed a USB mini connection is revealed.  Simply plug the included 5ft long cable into the eGo USB battery and the other end into your computers USB port (2.0 recommended) or other USB power source and your battery will act as a passthrough while it re-charges.

Coupled with our car cigarette lighter to USB power adapter (Car lighter to USB adapter) you will have a very convenient and versatile setup!

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  1. Are you going to get any of the new C-E2 cartomizers in for the Joye 510 or eGo cigs? I've read great reviews about these. No filler to burn, no leaking, and great vapor production. Thanks.

  2. Hi Joey,

    We tested the E2's and think they still have some development to go before they can be what they should be. The wick material in them just cannot keep up with even a moderate vaper. Once they get this figured out we'll probably jump on board.