Thursday, September 2, 2010

So how did everyone get started with electronic cigarettes?

I'd be curious to hear stories from you about how you were introduced to electronic cigarettes or how you stumbled across them.

Like a lot of people, I bought my first e-Cigarette starter kit in the mall for $139.99.  It was a SmokingEverywhere Gold 2.0.  Two batteries, -one- atomizer, a wall charger and 5 cartridges.  I must say I do miss that Cofee flavor they had.  It was a nice sweet sugary tasting coffee and I just absolutely loved the stuff.  I've never been able to find it again.

The second day I had my e-Cig starter kit, I broke the atomizer.  Let's just say a paperclip is NOT a good tool to use to clean your atomizer.  That happened over a weekend so I had to wait until Monday to get a new one.  $29.99 for the atomizer, holy crap, but I was back in e-Cig utopia.

I quickly started trying other models and vendors.  I bought my first DSE901 starter kit from Phil at e-SmokeyTreats.  That was a nice e-Cigarette and I think I still have one of the original batteries around here somewhere.  It's almost two years old now!

After that I went kinda crazy and was buying everything I could get my hands on.  It turns into a hobby of sorts but it's fun to tinker with the stuff.

18 months have gone by since I started my own business.  700+ products and a great group of customers has made it worth every late night.  Joye 510's, Joye eGo's, DSE901's, DSE801's, KR808D-1's, mod batteries,

But back to my original post...what's your story?


  1. Next month (November) will be my one year anniversary vaping. I grew up in an analog smoking home and for alot of years was a smoker, even though I hated the smell and taste of tobacco. In the early 90's I discovered Djarum Specials... never picked up another American made tobacco product. Then in 2002 I quit smoking completely. I didn't to like being a smoker or want the potential health issues... fast forward to 2008 a tragic event in my life triggered my picking up a Djarum again. Then in September of 2009 the government banned cloves from the market. While searching for them online I found a blog regarding e-cigs. After hours of research (and that first blog I found) I decided on Vapor Kings as my vendor of choice! Your customer services and integrity are second to none! I have been a faithful KR808D-1 user, until today, just got a Joye eGo... very, very nice! I'm thinking I may have found my new favorite! In a world full of hype and dishonesty, I'd just like to thank you Vapor Kings!

  2. I am three months analog free with my KR808D-1 system.. Bought a kit from a competitor 3 months ago but I can honestly say that after making the switch from prefills to fill-your-own, HANDS DOWN Vapor Kings Rocks!! I've bought my cartos and juice from you guys and I won't go anywhere else. Service and order processing is awesome and your prices are more than fair. Keep up the great work guys, I'm glad I found you!

    Jim M. Phoenix, AZ

  3. my first e-cig was a mall brand given to me for Christmas by my Grand-son. I, too, enjoyed my very first flavor, and have been searching since for a duplicate. still have yet to find it. my second e-cig was a KR808-D1. i upgraded to a 6V mod and was working great till Kanger decided to change the design of the carto, and made them very unfriendly to 6V Mods.

    settled again for the 510 Boge cartos. this week i decided to try a tank. the mod i use has clearance issues with the design of the tank but Rob At Vapor Kings Graciously threw in a 510 to 510 adapter for spacing. all should be great when it arrives.

    yep i am still counting, 2 years 72 days Smoke Free. over 32,000 analogs avoided.