Monday, March 21, 2011

Cleaning your eGo-T atomizers

Hello everyone!  Just a quick post tonight to pass along some information.

Every couple weeks I change up what device I use for my daily electronic cigarette.  The last couple of weeks I have been using an eGo-T atomizer on my trusty eGo batteries.  The eGo-T has been performing well and I've been able to use the same eGo-T tank with out any leaking issues at all.

So tonight, I decided I'd try "cleaning" it to see if it would help the performance.  It really wasn't performing badly, I guess I was just bored.

I rinsed it with warm water for about 30 seconds and blew through it several times.  I then purged it of any excess water into a paper towel to get it as dry as possible.  Most importantly, I primed it with about 4-5 drops of e-Liquid -BEFORE- I put it on my battery or tried to give it a hit.  I filled my tank up with fresh juice and popped it into the atomizer.  I gave it a few seconds to soak in and then gave it a few quick hits.  I knew at this point the atomizer was probably wet with water so I would need to be careful about how long I kept the button pressed.  Since the water would vaporize quickly, I was risking overheating the coil.  My goal was to get the e-Liquid into the coil.  After a few hits, it kicked in and started vaping perfectly fine. About 8 drags later it just died and quit producing vapor period.  :(

My conclusion?  Smoke 'em till they die and don't try to rinse them with water.  Now I can't smoke my eGo-T because I'm at home and all the atomizers are at the office!  I guess I should have had a spare here! LOL

The eGo-T system is a fine setup and works well with PG based liquids.

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  1. Ive found that cheap vodka will clean ANY atty....just soak it or put a few drops of vodka in the atty,cap it with your fingers then shake it and blow out all the excess vodka. Repeat it like two or
    Three times and it should be just about cleaned out...this is just a quick fix if u wanna get rid of a flavor in the atty. Soaking will yield much better results if u can wait a day without yer atty.
    I then screw it down on the battery,puff out the residual alcohol(just a few puffs) and yer good to go.
    Good luck to everybody who trys this...btw ive had 510 attys perform pretty damn well for over a year by keeping them clean frequently using this wasnt as good as new,but it WORKED and worked WELL for being over a year old being used on a 510 & a silver bullet battery.

  2. I know a lot of people don't have one, but I found just a little air compressor does wonders. You don't have to turn it up to 100 psi or anything just a small amount of pressure will do the trick... just enough to blow out the gunk! You can get a small one at rural king for 40 dollars. You can clean it out with vodka, and blow it out, clean and dry it it a matter of seconds like this. I wouldn't use a very high pressure though you risk ruining your atty! just 5 psi should be fine. just turn it up enough to blow air through the atomizer and that's enough.. once you feel air going through stop! very small amount of pressure. I didn't even use vodka or anything and my atomizer is working like a champ!

  3. Thanks for the info, I wondered if denatured alcohol would work, but vodka sounds much better. I'll try it out. I have an EGO-T-B atty that's kinda weak.

  4. Well you killed your atomizer (which is really a vaporizer). You should have let it dry out completely, or dried it with a hair dryer. NEVER activate a mizer that's not completely dry in the electronic components. It'll short circuit as anything else.

  5. Honestly, I just think you had bad luck & your vapo was going to die anyway. Water left on the contacts to the battery might shortcircuit it, possibly damaging the battery, but water in the vaporizer itself should evaporate with usage.

    From my experience, I would recommend letting the vapo dry completely, anyway. The one time I did not resulted in some water/moisture getting into the liquid tank & water/liquid mixture condensating in the mouthpiece. Not so tasty ;)