Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Electronic cigarettes in Tulsa? Did you know?

If you are a Tulsa area customer of our website, you may or may not know that we now have a physical store in Sand Springs, OK.  Come in and shop, try different models or even sample e-Liquid.  You can also order online and pickup in our store at your convenience.

New to electronic cigarettes?  We'll give you honest information about electronic cigarettes and show you everything you need to know to make the experience positive for you.

For the best in electronic cigarette starter kits and supplies, visit Vapor Kings at:


or visit our store located at:

110 North Garfield Avenue
Suite 300
Sand Springs, OK 74063
(918) 241-ECIG

(Click here for our Google Places page and a map)


  1. ...and don't forget our Tulsa store! 4305-E S. Mingo Road, Tulsa, OK 74146!

  2. A little tip about loading the EGO-T-B Tank into the EGO-T-B Atomizer.

    The tank has two notches in the side for the vapor flow. If you look down into the Atomizer you will see two corresponding notches there. I found if you do not line up the notches in the Tank and the notches in the Atomizer it will not vape right. It will be hard to draw through the atomizer. The vapor will be very light and the E-Liquid will actually be drawn out of the tank as you Vape causing the Atomizer to flood and leak.