Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Come by and visit our Tulsa e-Cigarette retail store!

Yes!  There is an electronic cigarette store in Tulsa!  Forget the malls and ads on Craigslist!

We're located at 4305-E South Mingo Road, Tulsa, OK 74146.  If you know where Tulsa CarFX is, we're right across the street!  They're the guys with all the kick butt Mustangs, Camaros and Corvettes parked out front!  Just click the address above for a Google Maps window!

We have Tulsa's largest inventory of e-Cigarette kits, parts and refill supplies.  Our EXPERT staff are electronic cigarette users themselves...they know their products and can make valuable recommendations based upon your smoking habits.

Over 800 products in stock including over 75 flavors of refill e-Liquid.  Our e-Liquid refill fluid works with any brand of electronic cigarette you may have!  GreenSmoke, Smoke51, SmokingEverywhere, V2, South Beach, the list goes on and on!

JoyeTech, Kanger, Boge, SmokTech, Dekang, Sailebao...you name it, we have it including big battery mods such as the Silver Bullet!

We have tables setup for people to sit at and hang out...try our sample liquids, enjoy a cold drink from our pop machine or even play a retro arcard game on our FREE 60-in-1 arcarde game system!

We're open from 10AM to 7PM Monday through Friday and 10AM to 4PM on Saturdays!

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