Monday, March 21, 2011

Cleaning your eGo-T atomizers

Hello everyone!  Just a quick post tonight to pass along some information.

Every couple weeks I change up what device I use for my daily electronic cigarette.  The last couple of weeks I have been using an eGo-T atomizer on my trusty eGo batteries.  The eGo-T has been performing well and I've been able to use the same eGo-T tank with out any leaking issues at all.

So tonight, I decided I'd try "cleaning" it to see if it would help the performance.  It really wasn't performing badly, I guess I was just bored.

I rinsed it with warm water for about 30 seconds and blew through it several times.  I then purged it of any excess water into a paper towel to get it as dry as possible.  Most importantly, I primed it with about 4-5 drops of e-Liquid -BEFORE- I put it on my battery or tried to give it a hit.  I filled my tank up with fresh juice and popped it into the atomizer.  I gave it a few seconds to soak in and then gave it a few quick hits.  I knew at this point the atomizer was probably wet with water so I would need to be careful about how long I kept the button pressed.  Since the water would vaporize quickly, I was risking overheating the coil.  My goal was to get the e-Liquid into the coil.  After a few hits, it kicked in and started vaping perfectly fine. About 8 drags later it just died and quit producing vapor period.  :(

My conclusion?  Smoke 'em till they die and don't try to rinse them with water.  Now I can't smoke my eGo-T because I'm at home and all the atomizers are at the office!  I guess I should have had a spare here! LOL

The eGo-T system is a fine setup and works well with PG based liquids.

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