Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Amazing Dual Coil Tank System

     When we first heard about the Dual Coil Tank (DCT) system many of us thought it was too good to be true, a tank that holds three milliliters of liquid and doesn’t leak? Not only that, it also uses a Dual Coil Cartomizer that can easily be changed out? What kind of sorcery was this? Turns out it wasn’t a trick, it was the biggest innovation in Tulsa electronic cigarettes since the eGo was introduced.

     The DCT screws right on to your eGo battery with no adapter necessary and can also be used with the Silver Bullet and Pro Vari mods sold in our Tulsa Electronic Cigarettes and Sand Springs Electronic Cigarettes locations. Since being introduced late last year it has become our single most popular system hands down. Almost every one of our eGo customers have taken to using the DCT and it has become a popular staple among the Tulsa community. It seems wherever we go people are asking about them “I see those all the time, what are they?” Well random waitress, this is the amazing new reason for you to quit smoking. This isn’t the terrible gas station disposable e-cig you tried out once and decided it wasn’t good enough, this is the real deal. And it can be found at your friendly Vapor Kings, the best Tulsa Electronic Cigarette store.

     We offer the DCT in two sizes, the standard three milliliter and the big boy five milliliter version.  We also offer many different color options for you to vape in style. The end caps come in Black or Silver and the tanks come in; Clear, Red, Blue, Purple, and my favorite “bio-hazard” Green.  The only hiccup with this system is the minor annoyance of priming the Cartomizer but after a few times it becomes second nature. We made a video (embedded below) to help show you the easiest way to prime. Once your carto is primed you are ready to experience the great hit and amazing convenience the DCT has to offer!

     We also offer adapters for your eGo battery to make your setup look extra sleek! Just search the website for DCT cover. If you are using a regular eGo battery you will want the 1.5 ohm cartomizer replacements. If you are using a mod pushing out five volts or more you will want to purchase the 2.5 ohm cartomizer.

     Once you try the Dual Coil Tank system you’ll wonder how you ever vaped without it. Tulsa Electronic Cigarettes will never be the same.

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