Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Vision Clearomizer aka the Clear"oh my"zer

     The Vision Clearomizer is a must try for any eGo vaper.  If you like the DCT and the eGo DCHV then you are going to like the Vision Clearomizer.  The Vision Clearomizer vapes with a smooth hit and a burst of flavor. You’ll be amazed how much better your favorite flavor tastes when using this system.
      Like the DCT and eGo DCHV, the Vision has a sizable tank for long vaping between refills. So you can rest assured you won’t run out of liquid while sitting through Titanic3D for the fourth time this summer.  No more reaching for your liquid and fiddling around trying to fill your cartridge in the dark.
     Are you a VG vaper? Then this system is perfect for you. Where the DCT and DCHV’s can easily clog while using a thicker fluid, the Clearomizer shines!
     If you tried the DCT and didn’t like the process of priming the cartomizer then you may like this system for its easy fill application. All you need is a needle bottle or syringe and you are ready to go with no priming necessary. We have included a video (embedded below) to tell you a little more about them from Tulsa’s Electronic Cigarette King himself. 

     The Clearomizer comes with the option of a round tip or flat tip. Both styles feature a screw on drip tip so there is no danger of accidentally losing it! They are also available in both standard resistance and low resistance for that extra kick!
     Stop by the Tulsa Electronic Cigarette store or the one in Sand Springs to try out the easy use Vision Clearomizer or to find out more information. For those of you unlucky enough not to have a Vapor Kings nearby, don’t worry we have them available online as well. 


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