Friday, May 11, 2012

You Down with DCHV? Yeah You Know Me!

     So the last couple of days we’ve told you about the DCT system and the Vision Clearomizer. In both of those posts we have mentioned the eGo DCHV (Dual Coil Heavy Vapor) Cartomizer. I have to admit I ignored this item for a while because nothing was going to take me away from my DCT, but last week I decided to try it out for something different. I’ve been recommending them for a while to people who have a tough time with the priming and filling of the DCT system and so I decided I would finally take it out for a spin myself and really see what this thing has to offer. I have not been disappointed.

     A great feature of the DCHV is it holds a lot of liquid, nearly half a bottle. Even better, is the way it vapes. I can produce plums of vaper with this thing while barely having to draw. The air flow is fantastic and the throat hit is just right. At $3.95 per unit, it’s a great deal too! I liked it so much I decided to continue using it for the foreseeable future.

     Like the DCT, you can expect to get anywhere from one to three weeks out of one DCHV cartomizer. That’s just the nature of any cartomizer, they are disposable units meant to be replaced. As with any unit, there are pros and cons. There is no e-cig that is absolutely perfect for everybody. But with so many options for the eGo, you can find something that works great for you.

     The only downfall to the eGo DCHV is not knowing how much to fill it. The best way to make sure you have completely filled it is to fill until liquid starts to drip out of the bottom. Then you want to make sure you tap out the cartomizer into a paper towel and dry off the connection before screwing it on your battery. We offer the pieces in Black, Stainless, and Clear.  If you are worried about being able to see how much liquid you have in there then you will like the clear option.

     If you’re looking to try something different, I highly recommend trying one of these out. You may find it becomes your new favorite.  Stop by Vapor Kings Tulsa or our Sand Springs location to find out more!

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  1. I'm down with you bro. JoyeTech's eGo series is one of my favorite e-cigs. Particularly because of how the DCHV can hold so much liquid, I don't have to refill that often. I am a very busy person and I don't have time to refill whenever I'm out on the field, but with DCHV I don't have to worry about that. With just two fully refilled cartos, I'm good for the day!