Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Fix eGo Battery Solution

     Have you ever had an issue with your eGo battery where you press the button and the light comes on but your atomizer doesn't activate? Or maybe you put it on your charger and it doesn't make a connection? This is very common among our customers and we want to show you a quick way to fix your problem. This is most likely the problem anytime you experience these issues. Watch the video below for a great battery saver.


  1. Thanks! Fixed mine.

  2. Great information, Rob. I have had my Vivi Nova tank and the 1000 mAmp Ego battery for almost a month now. The only problem I've encountered is the original 240 gauge didn't provide enough vapor however; your employees (they are great, BTW) instructed me to try the 180 gauge atomizers, which solved the problem and the other is that every time I unscrew the tank lid to add more liquid, the atomizer unscrews too. I figured out that if I remove the plastic top with a small metal ring at the top, I can use my tweezers to retighten the atomizer very lightly, replace the plastic top with the metal ring at the top (this is very easy to do), fill the tank with liquid and re-screw the tank lid. This has solved the problem. I just was worried I would damage the atomizer the first time I tried this but it doesn't. Actually, it works like normal. ��