Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Viva Vivi Nova, What Happens at Vapor Kings…

     Since introducing the Vision Clearomizers a few months ago we have been more and more impressed with the great taste of the Clearomizer.  So when we received a sample of the Vivi Nova large tank with replaceable heads we were intrigued. We were not disappointed. There has been no system, other than direct dripping on an atomizer that has been able to deliver such a clean flavor, and who wants to sit there and drip a few drops at a time just in order to enjoy good flavor?  I know I don’t. We find it’s much more preferable to have a tank to hold large amounts of liquid, and according to our sales records we know you believe so too. 

     The best part of the Vivi Nova tank is how easy it is to fill. And when I say easy, I mean it’s so easy your great grandma could fill it without instructions while talking on a cell phone about Facebook. We have a video to explain a little more about the system and how to fill it but all you need to know is to remove the cap and pour. If you like the liquid holding capability of the DCT system but you hate priming the cartomizer; if you like the eGo DCHV but hate when the polyfill gets too grimy, then this is the system for you. 

     If you ever get bored with the systems you use and need something different, you should check this system out. If you are a hardcore drip vapor for flavor reasons, you should check this out. If you ever vaped anything in your life, you should check this out. If you were born on planet earth, you should check this out. Ultimately, I believe you should check this out.

Watch the video below for more information. 

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